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You can Rebrand every software with your name, web site and your Clickbank ID, there are some resources of the best E-books on every product, so if someone will purchase something from the links within the software you keep the commission of the sale.

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DropDown Menu Creator

Create up to 10 links to your products or affiliate links.

Save space on your pages with this tool.

Check the Menu Below for example:


Mail To Link Creator

Give your visitors simple clickble links to send email to you with the subject and the body text in it automaticly.

Click on the link below to see the example:

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Up To Date Countdown Creator

Give visitors to your website the incentive to follow your 'Buy Today' prompt with a deadline date that changes automatically, each and every day.

Set the number of days from the current date and the script will show the time limit for your offer automatically.

See the next example:

4 days from now is...

Meta Tag Creator

Use this tool to create your Meta Tags. It's simple and will help you improve your search engine rankings. Fill in the form and Hit the Create Tags button.

(You might want to spy on your competitors first to see what keywords they are using :-)



F.A.Q Page Creator

Cut down on the number of repetitive questions you receive with your own F.A.Q's page. Just enter the questions you receive frequently and their respective answers, click the generate button, and this script will output a complete F.A.Q page for you

Just upload it as is. Easy



HTML Encryptor

Use this tool to Encrypt your web pages and prevent unauthorized copies of your web pages.

Protect your PayPal Thankyou pages links or your Affiliate links.

PopUp Window Creator

Popup Window Creator will allow you to create Cookie Based Popup codes within minutes.

It is a simple software and powerful program, which literally does all the work for you.

It is designed to allow you to modify the code for a wide variety of popups without knowing one bit about codes.


Special Report

How to avoid your visitors from hijacking your affiliate commissions

Give this FREE report from your website or to your subscribers and give them valuable resource to protect their affiliate commissions.

The report is rebrandible with you own Name, URL, and Clickbank ID, The best part of it that the ebook contains the whole Clickbank market place in it and all the links are branded with your Clickbank ID :-)


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